Preparing Your Roof for Severe Winter Weather

Before the winter weather really hits, it’s time to start wondering if your home is ready for severe weather. Specifically, it’s important to ask yourself if your roof will be able to withstand heavy rains, winds, ice, snow, and possible damage? Develop a plan now.


Here are some tips:


  1. Be sure your roof is installed correctly – Make sure your roof is installed correctly. If you stick around at the time your home’s roof is installed, pay attention and hire a reputable roofing company. A poorly installed roof is highly susceptible to sustaining more damage, and even possibly completely coming off. When you’re researching materials to use for your roof, know the kind of weather you expect and get materials that are sturdy, sustainable and low maintenance to maximize protection against harsh weather.
  2. Have a maintenance plan – You should always have a comprehensive maintenance plan for you roof. Make sure you’re having your roof inspected before and after expected severe weather, and make repairs as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to your home. Sometimes, spot repairs won’t be enough and the entire roof will need to be replaced. This can be avoided if you follow the steps above and make sure your roof is sturdy and secure.
  3. Check gutters and drains – Gutters and drains are an important part of your roof. They should be checked thoroughly and often to make sure they’re draining ice and water away from the roof. Water buildup on a roof during bad weather can cause major damage and even breakthroughs; this can lead to costly repairs. It’s also smart to go ahead and clear your roof of any standing debris that could make for damage once winds and rains start to really pick up.

Storms can cause major and costly damage to roofs, but by applying these simple steps you can prevent serious damage that could dramatically affect your wallet. If you’ve experienced storm damage or want to prepare your home for bad weather, contact Centennial Roofing today!


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