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Need Inspiration?

Pinterest is a great place to create a mood board of inspirations for your outdoor living space. Here are a few things to consider when planning your space.


  • Purpose – What will you be using your living space for? Entertaining, relaxation, cooking? These things will help you determine things like the size of your space, number of seats, TV installation and more.
  • Lighting – What type of lighting do you want to have? The great news is Centennial will provide complimentary custom installation of string lights to provide the perfect nighttime ambience for your space. However, you might want additional lighting installed for your yard or on the house for security reasons. 
  • Weather – What do you need to protect your outdoor living space from so it is usable year round? This will help determine things like a completely covered patio, pergola to let the light in, or open spaces with no roofing. You may even want to install fans to combat the Texas summer heat.
  • Aesthetic – What do you want your space to feel like? Consider things like textures, color schemes, style of furniture, hardscapes, and softscapes. While Centennial won’t be able to help with all of these areas, having a vision will help us build the perfect outdoor space to meet your needs!