3 Easy Signs Your Home Might Need a New Roof

It’s often very easy to lose track of general maintenance items on your home, changing the air filters, cleaning out gutters, painting the exterior or replacing those few missing shingles from the last heavy thunderstorm.


No matter how closely you pay attention to your roof, there will come a time when it can no longer be repaired but will need a full replacement. How will you know when it’s time to make such big decision? Don’t worry; there are several telltale signs that the time for a brand new roof has come.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Cracked or Ripped Shingles – Residential roofs are often made of fiberglass shingles. If you’ve had your roof for more than 15 years, it’s time to get a professional inspection done. If a majority of your home’s shingles are cracking or ripping it could be a lack of ventilation or time to get that roof replaced.
  2. Stains – Stains can often indicate some major underlying issues with the integrity of your roof. If you begin to see stains on the outer walls of your house, or on the rafters or decking in the attic, there is a really good chance you’ve got a build-up of excessive moisture that really needs to be addressed quickly.
  3. Sagging – Poor workmanship is often the culprit of a sagging roof. If your roof is noticeably sagging, your decking will most likely need to be replaced along with your roof and can also mean that you’ve got some moisture leaking through.

Sometimes these issues can seem overwhelming. Our roofing experts can quickly diagnose your roofing issues and get you a solution that fits your specific needs. We take extra care and considerations in making sure that you not only have the very best plan of action, but that the process is smooth and painless.


We would love the opportunity to serve you and to show you the Centennial Roofing difference! Give us a call today and we’ll schedule your FREE roof inspection! 1-800-766-3227

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