How to Prevent Ice Build Up and Protect Your Roof

North Texas often has horrible ice storms that blow through and can easily cause significant damage or completely devastate your home’s roof from ice build up.

How An Ice Dam Forms on Your RoofIf you see icicles hanging from the edge of your roof and a pile of ice just above it, you most likely have what is called an “ice dam” which prevents water from properly draining off your roof. It has the potential of creating pools of water that can seep into your house – damaging walls, ceilings and other structural areas.

To prevent ice build up and damage, there are a few simple measures you can take:

  1. Use a roof rake (available at your local home improvement store) and a push broom to remove all snow and ice immediately after a snow or ice storm event. – Pull the snow in the direction of your roof’s slope. Never pull any materials across your roof as you can damage shingles and ventilation.
  2. Locate and remove the ice dam. – Chip at the ice dam to create a channel through which water can flow, being careful to not damage the roof when chipping and stop short of reaching the roof materials. You can also attach a water hose to your hot water heater and use the hot water to melt away any ice as needed.
  3. Remove as much ice from your gutters as possible. – Ice melt (found at your local home improvement store), salt and warmth are your best tools for removing ice from gutters. Beware of chipping with edged tools, as it is very easy to slip and cut into roofing materials.

How to Prevent Ice Build Up and Protect Your Roof

Sometimes these issues can seem overwhelming. Our roofing experts can quickly diagnose your roofing issues and get you a solution that fits your specific needs. We take extra care and considerations in making sure that you not only have the very best plan of action, but that the process is smooth and painless.

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